Dez 102010

Folgender Artikel ist 1:1 so auf, dem Blog des Netzaktivisten Markus Beckedahl erschienen. Er gefiel mir derart gut, dass ich entschied ihn direkt zu kopieren. steht unter der CC Lizenz und Verbreitung der Inhalte ist ausdrücklich erwünscht: Die Radiosendung hr2-Der Tag hat gestern eine Stunde lang über Wikileaks berichtet und mich auch dazu […]

Dez 072010

Wikileaks is one of the most important, if not THE most important organization in terms of publishing failures in governments and big companies that regard the public. By doing this they help traditional news organisations maintain their work and take some pressure of them. Within the last weeks there has been put a whole lot […]

Aug 032010

Some rappers did a real neat video on the recent WikiLeaks incedent. Enjoy: Rap News – episode 4 – resumes its lyrical forays into the world of rhyme and reason, exploring what’s been happening on the Internets in 2010. Robert Foster – recently returned from his long-leave vacation in the Caribbean (prematurely interrupted due to […]

Jun 182010

I just came across a very interesting report on whistleblower activity in the past and today. But first I like to share some general information on this topic. The First Amendment of the USA was adopted on December 15, 1791. The Amendment states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting […]

Apr 182010

“We are a platform that is that is disclosing information, that is in the interest of the general public no matter if this information was to be disclosed or not. We accept classified or restricted material only or material that is otherwise legally threatened in its publication. We have an anonymous save harbor, so we […]