Apr 292010

A friend of mine, Jonathan H. posted an explanation about creative commons on his blog. Creative commons is important for everybody uploading any kind of media to the Internet, so please have a look: http://geronimo89.dk/blog @ Jonathan: thank you for writing this post.

Apr 212010

There are really two common ways of limiting the internet access: Domain Name System (DNS) redirecting and Deep packet inspection (DPI). What is Domain Name System? In order to make it understandable for people, who are not into the whole Internet technology I will ignore irrelevant exceptions in my following explanation. DNS is the method […]

Apr 182010

“We are a platform that is that is disclosing information, that is in the interest of the general public no matter if this information was to be disclosed or not. We accept classified or restricted material only or material that is otherwise legally threatened in its publication. We have an anonymous save harbor, so we […]