Okt 292010

I just got done with some Illustrator work which I’d like to share with you. I started of with a color circle. This one I mainly created to make up for my extremely ugly color circle I created by gluing paper snippets on a piece of paper in my design class. Color circle: After that […]

Sep 232010

Well, since I created my Business cards some time ago I switched from Inkscape to Adobe Illustrator, so I decided to do a remake of my cards and correct some mistakes I did back then. Color spaces: There are different color spaces for different purposes and I used RGB instead of CMYK because I simply […]

Jun 232010

I want to learn Inkscape a bit better, because I had so much fun creating my business cards with it. And since I find reading manuals rather boring I decided to do a few tutorials. This is what I created while doing them: Update: cut-out effect and rust effect added.