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I just wanted to link to an old post of mine and when I opened it, I was told that there is an auto-save, that is newer than the last published version. Since it offered me to compare the versions I went ahead. I accidentally told WordPress to compare one article with itself. The following happened:

the site went completely white with just one box, where the following text appeared, just as if someone typed it in:

Self-comparison detected.
Initiating infinite loop eschewal protocol.
Self destruct in… 3

I thought oh SWEET an Easter egg, but it got even better. After the three seconds the page turned completely black with again just a box. In that box writing apeared letter by letter, just this time in green:

Wake up, Lennart K….
The Matrix has you…
Follow the white rabbit.
Don’t let this happen again. Go Back.


Amazing Easter Egg, made my day. Thanks @WP_developers.



The green writing disappears after every line, so I can’t make a screenshot of the whole text.



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  1. Super geil 😀 grade ausprobiert. Das coolste easteregg ĂŒberhaupt 🙂

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