Jun 132010

A couple years ago I had really extreme performance issues with my Internet connection. Every time µtorrent (a very small but awesome Windows torrent client) was active, surfing speed went slow. While downloading a torrent the amount of connection caused by it brought the surfing speed to a level were it wasn’t fun and Online […]

Jun 102010

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, there are many interesting Firefox Add-ons. I will tell you about those I use and what they are good for. Of cause there are many thousands more. Adblock Plus (ABP): Ads were yesterday (MUST HAVE!!!). blocks all type of commercial, adds and pop-ups. This causes pages to […]

Jun 082010

I finally got my business Cards done and gave it into print. The red border is just to separate the card from the black background. To see it full sized without border just click on it. This is how they will look like: