Jun 172010

While being at my parent’s a few weeks ago I found parts of a play from 2000. That play was performed by my class from back then (R.7.4) at the Kurt Tucholsky Schule (KTS) in Flensburg.

I like to say thank you to everybody who was in it, Mr. Wagner our teacher who put a lot of work into making this project happen and to my dad who recorded this play so it can be watched now (although he just recorded the bits with me in it :)). Practicing and performing this play was a great experience and and therefore a great memory to look back to.

The story:
There is a king (me) who has a very stressful life and one day his servants find out that he jumps in bed. Reporters push that scandal out to a point where the ministers have to react. They force the king to sign a law that prohibits jumping in bed. Soon after, the king becomes sick.

edit: I am working on getting a full video, so if anybody can help me i would appreciate it.

  6 Responses to ““KING JUMP” a musical play (2000)”

  1. OMG this might be the cutest thing ever! But what’s with the hight? You are like .. A dwarf compared to the rest xD
    (And you sing well. Hidden talent. Or ..)
    .. But I don’t get the … King answering the phone thing? I really don’t think that’s realistic xD

  2. thanks babe,
    I started growing quite late.
    Yeah right, I sing well….tztz
    not realistic? I was really busy back then so people were just allowed to address the king with yes/no questions during work hours.

  3. I can see! Now you are taller than me. And that’s quite tall!
    I really hope you’ve increased your singing skills. Deeply. From the heart xD
    Dude .. You are aware that you are / were not the actual king, right? It was just a part in a play. Get down from your pedestal xD

  4. No, my sining hasn’t gotten any better. Nobody in the world manages to do less points in sing-star then me.
    You didn’t even know me then. I WAS KING!!!

  5. I always win at Sing Star. Not that it sounds good xD But I always win. Cause I’m awesome.
    Off course I knew you. You just didn’t know. I stalked you from when you were born. Yes.

  6. *moving the conversation back to private*