Jun 132010

A couple years ago I had really extreme performance issues with my Internet connection. Every time µtorrent (a very small but awesome Windows torrent client) was active, surfing speed went slow. While downloading a torrent the amount of connection caused by it brought the surfing speed to a level were it wasn’t fun and Online gaming wasn’t possible anymore.

I tried all sorts of different things till I found an increasable piece of software made by a German company called “cfos Software GmbH“. The program cFosSpeed shapes your Internet traffic in the way that time relevant services, like surfing, talking via Skype or playing online games get a higher priority. Having a download that runs with 1,5MB/s instead of 1,6MB/s isn’t that bad, in fact you won’t even realize it most of the time. But a website, that needs 5 times the time to load, a phone call that misses words or a lag of some seconds in an Online-game are nothing you want to have.

cFosSpeed costs only 14.90€ (≅ $18.06) and comes with a Lifetime Update meaning you buy it and ALL future updates are free. The software is windows 7 compatible and even offers a x64 version. It supports a high variety of languages.

I’ve been using the software for about a year now. Updates come like once a month and you can pretty much use the software out of the box without making complicated configurations. Still, there are many settings you can change if you feel the urge to do so. These settings are explained well so you don’t screw up anything.

15€ is a great deal for what you get here, so If you have problems with programs slowing your Internet down, cFosSpeed is the way to go. Download the software, try it and if you like it, buy it.

Edit: If you don’t know where to get your torrents then check out this article: https://www.cloudwards.net/alternative-torrent/