Jun 162010

Yesterday I got a mail telling me that my business cards were on the way, so I knew they would arrive today. When I got home and they weren’t there I tracked the box online. The parcel service’s website told me that my neighbor who always accepts the box when I’m not home got it, so I went downstairs to get it. On the way I wondered why there was no notice in the postal box or if i had even checked it. When I arrived, I could see my roomy standing in that neighbors door and asking for my box. WOW great timing.

I went upstairs and opened the box I have been waiting for so long :).

I couldn’t help but to smile when I saw that strange air cushion pads that kept my 500 business cards from moving around in the box. They were colored and it said “funny-frisch Chipsfrisch Chakalaka Würze Africas” on them :).

I think the mirroring of my url on the card is a bit too strong, but besides that they are good. So I guess can recommend www.logiprint.com, they got really good prices too. 10€ for 500 cards in black and white, 20€ for color and since mine are black I needed a black background which added another 10€ on it. So together with the little case and the shipping costs I reached 40,40€. more than what I originally wanted to spend on them, but oh well that’s life, you never know what you run into.