Apr 232010

The video of Tim Wu’s speech on “Net Neutrality and Free Speech” was finally uploaded three hours ago. I am watching it right now, so i can’t tell you what it is about in detail, but if you have seen the interview I bogged on him, you get a rough overview.

Tim Wu is not only professor at Columbia Law School, but also member of a US-American group called Free Press and writes for an online culture magazine dealing with current affairs and culture, called Slate Magazine. So don’t mind his casual look.

Tim also did a great job in starting his speech on German, the rest is in English though. Like every speech on the re:publica the introduction is in German (I really wonder why they did such a thing).

Ps.: I already reported the misspelled word “speech “in the title of the video.

Tim Wu’s speech really fascinated me. He managed to draw a line between censorship in the past like it happened to Jesus, Martin Luther, the US Film industry and during the Nazi regime in Germany, to current censor mechanisms like they are being used in China and will be used in the western World.

Following this impressive introduction he talked about his theory on how the Internet will develop in a way that was entirely new to me. This theory is that the Internet is not new in the way it works, but shares the same destiny as new media in history did.

I do not want to over-exaggerate, but being aware of the parallels between our current new media, the Internet and new media from the past, might help us deal with the ongoing debate in an entirely different way. Till today most discussions on how the Internet should be dealt with were based on the fact that it is like NOTHING that happened in the past and that therefore nothing it can be related to. This might change… we will see.