Jan 062011

The old page:

As you probably realized by now, the look of my blog has changed quite a bit. It all started with this task I got from my design professor at the university. The task is to find a flyer, poster or website and improve it. Since finding websites can be done from comfy chair I’m sitting on and finding flyers and posters involves much more running around, the decision wasn’t too hard.

After pushing this task ahead in my schedule day after day, yesterday my conscience finally made me overcome my laziness and get me started.

During my search I visited many sites, like: facebook.com, meinvz.net, twitter.com, heise.de, golem.de and so on. Oh well after a couple hours of getting distracted I actually found a bunch of bad sides, but non which I felt dedicated to improve. But at least I had a nice laugh when I found those the following two sites: http://www.string-emil.de/ and http://rasputin.de/CF/Jugend/. In the end I had quite some bookmarks and decided to make a decision after a good night sleep.

But instead of going to bed I started looking for a new theme for my blog. I found many interesting themes, but nothing I felt was better than the current without breaking with the old layout. So I decided to apply some changes to my blog.

New background:

First big change is the background image. I found a tutorial that creates some kind of scribble paper.

All you have to do, to get that effect is: apply a 60% noise and a 60 Pixel motion blur, duplicate and rotate the layer and set the 2. One to overlay (I can make a video tutorial if it is wanted.) Instead of doing it on a white background I did it on a black one, with the noise and blur values set to 50. In the End I cut of the edges and had my new background.

Today I realized that it looked quite nice while standing still, but scrolling went on my eyes, so I made the background stand still while scrolling.

Post views:

The posts are now in preview mode. This has 2 big advantages.

The first is that I doubted people would scroll 1,5 screens to see if they like the next post if the first isn’t of any interest for them, and therefore not read what I wrote.

The second is that I got a lot of views of the first page and couldn’t tell which post was of interest for my readers. Now that the post has to be clicked in order to be read completely I can tell which post has been read how many times.

Side area:

I have been quite unlucky the way the sidebar behaves. I had a gallery implemented before, but it didn’t work out so well. Today I decided to create a flickr account and implement it as a side area. I spend quite some time arranging the side bars to not make the site to wide. But the second side bar made the page wider than the standard 1024 Pixels view, which is common for websites.

“About me” bug:

As a friend found out today, the “about me” widget had a bug that will let you fold the “about me” panel and then hides the button to expand it again. A new add-on that had to be configured all the way down to the source code did the trick. Thank you synetex for reporting this.

Dynamic site width:

I changed the values of the page width, so it now scales with the browser width. The content fills 97% of the browser while being between 1100 and 800 Pixels. This avoids scroll bars in Firefox, Chromium and the deeply hated Internet Explorer. This is a change I am especially proud of, because it is much nicer than seeing the half page only.

Flensburg Logo:

With the page width varying, the logo had to be narrowed down to not make the text on the right jump to the next line.

I also added a feature that makes the logo up top change on page reloads. There are seven different pictures; unfortunately I don’t have any New Year or winter pictures of Flensburg’s skyline. So PLEASE if you have some, send me a notice.

new Add-on:

I switched the social bookmark add-on to SexyBookmarks, please use it if you like what i write.

  2 Responses to “big Layout changes of my Blog.”

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