Sep 232010

Well, since I created my Business cards some time ago I switched from Inkscape to Adobe Illustrator, so I decided to do a remake of my cards and correct some mistakes I did back then.

Color spaces:

There are different color spaces for different purposes and I used RGB instead of CMYK because I simply did not know the difference.

So the bright green from the screen looked a bit pale when printed and the shadow isn’t recognized as one, because the transition looked different then on the screen due to my use of RGB.

RGB (red, green, blue):

RGB is the color space that is used by your monitor and can display most colors of the other spaces. For web publishing always use this color space.

CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black):

This color space is for color printers and professional prints. It lags the bright colors a monitor can display.

Gray scale:

For black and white printers.

Rich black:

When you have two color areas that touch each other and one is made out of a color that isn’t included in the other area you get white dots at the transition point. This is very common if you use black, like I did for the background. So what you do is, you use a so called “rich black”.

All you have to do is mix the black. This means not:
Cyan: 0%
Magenta: 0%
Yellow: 0%
Black: 100%

but something like this:
Cyan: 50%
Magenta: 50%
Yellow: 50%
Black: 100%

This doesn’t only get rid of white dots at the point where the color areas meat, but also makes the black richer and darker, so ALWAYS remember to use it when you want to print something. There are also other mixtures, but this one is very common, because the entire colors together ad up to 250% which is good because paper can usually handle around 270%. If you get above it the colors blend and you don’t want that right!?

The old card made in Inkscape that I carry around with me (there is dust on the 2. picture, it’s not as bad as it looks there):

The Illustrator remake: