May 182010

It has been way to long since I last wrote something here. Sorry for that.

Some of you might know that I use ixquick instead of the Google search engine, because Google collects all the data they can. I wrote about the problem here. But sometimes you just can’t ignore the Google services; the Ixquick picture search for instance isn’t really good. Since I don’t want to expose myself to Google I use a Firefox addon called Google sharing. This addon is a proxy server for Google services only.

This means your search request is send to the “Google sharing” servers. They mix it up with someone else’s data and send it to Google. The same happens on the way back. This has the same effect as if you used a single payback card with thousands of people (like the Chaos Computer Club did). The Data Google gets is still true in its whole, but the individual date is totally messed up, which gives you privacy.

All you have to do is the following:

  1. use Mozilla Firefox as a web browser (Internet Explorer sucks big time)
  2. install THIS addon
  3. ALWAYS use the page (NOT:,, etc.)

Ps. I still recommend using Ixquick for everyday use for moral reasons. Besides, feeding the evil giant isn’t going to kill it.

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