Apr 182010

“We are a platform that is that is disclosing information, that is in the interest of the general public no matter if this information was to be disclosed or not. We accept classified or restricted material only or material that is otherwise legally threatened in its publication. We have an anonymous save harbor, so we accept these documents anonymously. We have very strong mechanisms to protect the sources that we have. And we provide mechanisms by which we can provide these documents on an uncensorable way. We are making sure, that everyone gets access no madder who is trying to suppress the material.”

Quote by Daniel Schmitt, Wikileaks presentation at the 26th Chaos Communication Congress on Dec. 12th 2009. Video link

“WikiLeaks has probably produced more scoops in its short life than the Washington Post has in the past 30 years”

— The National, November 19, 2009

“… serves as an uncensorable and untraceable depository for the truth, able to publish documents that the courts may prevent newspapers and broadcasters from being able to touch. ”

— In praise of… WikiLeaks – The Guardian, October 20, 2009

As Daniel Schmitt worked out such a nice explanation of what they do, I did not want to interfere and quoted instead.

WikiLeaks was founded in 2006 and is based in Sweden. The organization consists of five paid workers and about 800 volunteer who help verifying documents in different ways.

Since Wikileaks disclosed so many secret documents, it interferers with different governments from time to time. Only one example is a police raid on the owner of the German WikiLeaks domain (www.wikileaks.de). A list of the most important leaks can be viewed at the Wikipedia article.

Currently WikiLeaks has problems covering their costs. The costs were cut down from $600.000 to $200.000 in order to avoid depths. This means, that they are only partly active. The website is stripped of all old contend and releasing leaks is delayed. WikiLeaks will resume full operation once the costs are covered.

WikiLeaks only source of income are donations, so if you think this this is something worth supporting, please do so. The regarding information as well as the most recent leaks can be viewed at www.wikileaks.org.

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